📍️Portland, Oregon

Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Colorado Rockies, and Sea to Sky region has instilled in me a love for the outdoors and outdoor sports. After working as a software engineer, UX designer, and sports photographer, my interests drove me to work towards a career in designing functional outdoor gear. I’m learning to transfer my digital user experience skills to physical product design to bring the joy of the outdoors to everyone. 

I’m a technical softgoods designer interested in pushing the boundaries of design and pushing the boundaries of adventure. My focus is to design fun and impactful products to encourage people to get outside, move their bodies, and make new experiences. The gear shouldn’t be a barrier but just a part of you that encourages you to push further, explore more, and be in greater awe of these precious, wild places. As a designer, I hope to combine my passion for the outdoors and sustainability to create planet positive product that allows people to enjoy the outdoors while minimizing their negative environmental impact. I want to use emerging technologies like 3D design and body scanning to design more sustainable and functional products.

Currently: Experimenting in the studio with upcycled designs, freelance design work, finding the best dim sum in town, learning how to skateboard with Skate Like A Girl 

Available for: Design work, adventure photography, climbing partner, splitboarding buddy, exploring new bike trails, music suggestions